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In Episode 52, we have the privilege of Rob flying up from Melbourne and spending two days with our team members in Brisbane. Of course, we thought we'd take advantage of his time here in QLD and record a podcast & vodcast episode together. Minh, Matt, and Rob go through our recent analysis of a new building technique - Manufactured Housing - by a new start up named Elton Homes (no, they are not a builder, but a manufacturer)
This episode might sound a little different than our usual episodes, as we had technical audio problems, but it is accompanied by a video, which may be easier to watch, rather than listening to the audio.  If you'd prefer to watch this episode, it can be found here:

This is a follow up session from episode 24 with ELTON HOMES, which now goes into much greater detail as to what this manufacturer does with regards to residential construction, from a commercial perspective.

Matt, Minh & Rob talk about the pros and cons of Traditional vs Manufactured, and how investors can work with NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA to acquire a Robust SDA home, in a space of 10 to 14 weeks for a manufactured build, as compared to 14 months for a traditional build

**UPDATE**  Elton is no longer taking orders for SDA builds in their factory, as they are fully booked out for the next 12 months. (17/08/22)


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