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Today, our guest speaker is Hong Knowling from PPC URBAN, who joins Matt to discuss her role as a Town Planner. They talk about the importance of a Town Planner working with investors who want to look at land sites which may be developed into SDA opportunities, and this will primarily be centred around subdivisions, apartment projects, or any advice around SDA property development. Hong talks about the ins and outs when considering property development in the NDIS sector, and it is an important to note that it is imperative to get professional advice in such a unique area of property investment. If you have a block of land already, you should always look at Town Planners to assess opportunities – and also feasibility – to maximise outcomes.

PPC Urban offers the following specialist services: market and economic assessment, demographic assessment, land demand and supply assessment, cash flow and financial assessment, town planning approval, strategic land use and planning, master planning, transport planning, infrastructure funding advice and DCP/ICP preparation, VCAT and planning panel appeal.

To learn more about PPC URBAN, please visit their website below:

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