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In this episode, Debbie talks to a  Cassie Ross, who represents a fantastic organisation called Bluewing, a SIL Provider which is dedicated to providing disability support services to NDIS participants across NSW and QLD. Cassie is the Business Development Manager for Bluewing, and she has much knowledge in this NDIS space, and explains so much about Bluewing, hence why she was chosen to join Debbie on this episode to tell our listeners about all the wonderful things their team are doing.

From its humble beginnings in Sydney 5 years ago starting in Support Coordination, by the founder Zoe Norton, the business has now grown quickly to  500 staff, facilitating care to approximately 1300 participants across NSW and QLD. Bluewing has 2 offices in total, with one being in Beenleigh, Brisbane QLD, and the second office in Campbelltown, Sydney NSW.

The topics discussed between our 2 lovely speakers are:

  • How the founder, Zoe Norton, has previously worked for the Agency, and with this experience, is now has looking at ways to provide services holistically for Participants and their families.
  • The 8 SDA properties owned by Bluewing
  • The Bluewing SDA participant ratio is 50:50 for Robust vs FA/HPS
  • The wide range of supports provided, covering care ratios of 2:1 to 1:3 (carer to participant ratio)
  • The SIL, MTA, SDA, & STA housing importance
  • Respite Services, being tailored for Participants.
  • Head Leases on SIL properties
  • Supports - “How can Bluewing do that in the best way possible”
  • “Are they a match for a co-tenant” - personality, support network, stakeholders (these are important matters)
  • Funding Applications - Bluewing also does this to help Participants
  • Challenges as a SIL provider when working with one resident dwellings to three resident dwellings
  • Respite Accomodation (STA)
  • SDA importance in the NDIS
  • Improved Liveability, Robust, and HPS
  • Challenges in SIL support provision 
  • Funding for SDA, plus funding for support levels
  • Hospital Transitions (MTA & SIL funding, prior to get into SDA)
  • Long term sustainable housing options are very important 
  • Tenancy Matching & Supports Matching - this always being a challenge

To learn more, or to get in contact with Bluewing, please follow the link below:



Our goal is to see Participants with high-needs disabilities being appropriately housed in accommodation that is right for them. Purpose-built homes promote opportunities for social and economic participation, enhance self-determination, and create conditions for Participants to lead vibrant, safe, and independent lives.

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