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In today's episode, our 'Girl Power Team' consisting of Luba, Debbie, and Eryn sit down to talk about the journey of the podcast. We jumped into this concept of a 'podcast' without a real plan and real podcast name, and in the past 4 months, it has evolved into a major part of our business, NDIS PROPERTY AUSTRALIA.

Each week, we focus on publishing two new episodes (challenging anyone else out there!) and we enjoy it so much that we strive to bring on as many special guest speakers as we can find, out there in the community. We have been flying all around Australia, attending events and expos, just to connect with other SDA and SIL brands to further the NDIS flag's awareness.

This podcast is all about the milestone of our initial 4 months, and the 40th episode. As such, we now launch our new logo, and podcast name, that being the "SDA HOUSING" podcast!

In addition, we introduce Luba - one of the vital members of our marketing team.

Thank you all for listening and engaging with our podcast and we hope to keep bringing you more and more great episodes.  Please follow to be notified for future episodes to come and feel free to share us around to others you think would benefit from listening (we'd really appreciate it!)


It is our goal to see Participants with high-needs disabilities being appropriately housed in accommodation that is right for them. Purpose built homes promote opportunities for social and economic participation, enhance self-determination, and create conditions for Participants to lead vibrant, safe, and independent lives.

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Information contained in this podcast is general in nature only. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. You need to consider your financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information and should seek independent and professional advice for your personal circumstances.

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