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Well here it is folks! The big reveal, the big topic ... the SDA WALL OF SHAME! Minh has dropped the hint a few times now that this episode was coming, and today we invite back Brad Fuller from Brighter Living, to come into our Brisbane office, to contribute to this controversial episode. 

To begin with, lets just say that we wont be 'defaming anyone in this episode', as that would make us the bad guys, but boy oh boy do we wish we could spill the beans on all the dirt on the "who" and the "what" we know of in the SDA industry. If anyone from ASIC or the NDIS is reading this, please give us a call, as we have already agreed to sit down with the authorities to be the 'whistle blowers' :)

But that aside, lets just say that gossip and truth gets around a lot out there in the NDIS industry and lots of people talk. Whats the old saying? "Where there is smoke, there is fire". Because of the shining reputations of our two esteemed speakers within SDA, both Minh and Brad have had much interactions across the country with many NDIS stakeholders. The information gleaned from investors and providers has enabled our team to collate a list of organisations and individuals who are either corrupt, dirty, or unprofessional bad guys who rip not only participants but also investors, out of their life savings, and are destroying investors lives.

It's probably an open secret that there are lots of bad actors in the NDIS, but more so within the SDA sector which is 100% property orientated, and thus, there will always be "potential" conflicts of interest constantly. As such, we have this one hour podcast discussion about the types of shameful actions of agents, builders, providers, or spruikers, who operate in the SDA to derive enormous profits without the care in the world about the negative impact of their actions - on investors, and on the NDIS. Making false promises, charging exorbitant fees, and leaving investor 'high and dry' without hope of tenants in these investments homes.

Alas, we must be careful about what we write in this episode description, as we may be held accountable. But we do encourage you to listen to Minh's and Brad's thoughts on this subject matter. We caution all investors to "be very very very careful" about taking advice from inexperienced and unprofessional players in this sector. These "so called experts"  can be seen "on every street corner" and when we say street corner, we mean 'everywhere on Facebook'.

We sincerely hope that the NDIS or ASIC catches up with these groups and individuals we are referring to. They are blatantly ripping off investors, and hopefully they are either fined, imprisoned or banned from doing business every again. Sadly though, white collar crimes are rarely punishable with imprisonment. 

Most SDA spruikers are unlicensed ... they are not licensed in property, they are not licensed in financial advice, & lastly, they are not licensed as a registered provider to give any disability advice. And if no licensing or registration, their Professional Indemnity Insurance will not cover them for any client financial losses in any form of litigation. 

Investors should seek legal advice if they feel that they have been taken advantage of by fake and unlicensed businesses which have promised, tricked, lied or not disclosed conflicts  just to get them in an investment, causing losses. Everyone  working in SDA, who are doing bad things, or giving bad advice, should be held accountable. Also, please do background checks on their business & them personally.

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