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In this episode, we welcome back our good friend, Brad Fuller, who had his first podcast with Minh on Episode 199. In this episode, Minh sits down with Brad again to talk about some tips, ideas, and things to watch out for in 2024. Minh and Brad brainstormed a few ideas to cover in this episode during the downtime period of Christmas, and some of the topics covered here on this episode are just some random points of discussion which may be relevant to many more future topics in 2024 as the year progresses.

They talk about:

  1. Be careful from whom you get your information and advice from
    • Review their background
    • Ask them where they get the research from
    • Developers and Builders - check their history and reputation first
    • Location, Amenities, & Desirability
    • Data of Supply & Demand
  2. Be open minded to SDA apartments
    • SDA apartment design
    • Participant's SDA funding, can be taken to any SDA product!!!
    • Not just diagnosis, but needs
    • SIL funding
    • Separation of services, as SIL & SDA
  3. Areas
    • Where are the areas of undersupply & oversupply?
    • What design category is most in need of, in the chosen area?
  4. Benchmark Pricing
    • The new benchmark for good quality SDA property, is $1.0M - $2.0M
    • Sydney, almost anywhere!
    • Newcastle, Hunter Valley region
    • Sunshine Coast, QLD (2 hours north of Brisbane)
  5. Capital Growth
    • This is achievable, if you play your cards right, and do the research, but need to spend big, in order to create the right product around Australia.
    • Must future proof the property, aswell as have it in a location of desirability (refer to above)

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