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In this episode, Dhanika and Brendon discuss the Disability Royal Commission into violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disability.

The Royal Commission recently released its findings in a series of documents with over 200 recommendations for change.  With over 5,000 pages of information, we've only skimmed the surface so far but we go over some of the noteworthy points such as:

- Phasing out special schools and segregated education
Students with disability who are educated separately from other students rarely transition to a mainstream school or classroom. This can contribute to them remaining in other segregated environments throughout their lives.

- Phasing out segregated employment
Including AED's (Australian Disability Enterprises) a concerning type of workplace that potentially infringes on people's human rights, with sub-minimum wage pay.

- Phasing out group homes
Group homes are often undesirable environments where, as the inquiry was told, abuse and neglect are pervasive. Some of this change is already happening with NDIS and the new SDA builds. Four commissioners want group homes phased out entirely over the next 15 years.

Several other recommendations such as the introduction of a Disability Rights Act, are being implemented to move Australia forward in aligning with the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.



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