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Happy Friday Y'all!

We are publishing an episode based off last week's (exactly 7 days ago) NDIA release of the SDA DEMAND PROJECTIONS document on the NDIS website. Finally! LOL

With this published SDA DATA, we finally have some direction of the SDA numbers and growth in each region, for which these SA4 Regions  projections apply to.

Minh and Debbie really give their 2 cents worth with data, as they really love talking about statistics, and forecasts, and they certainly nail it on the head with all of their hard work the past 18 months on The SDA HOUSING Podcast in giving their predictions and determinations as to where investors should be focusing their efforts in getting a foot into different SDA markets across Australia. That's right, they got 8 out of 10 correct, in the top SDA  growth areas to invest in. Woot Woot!!!

Check it out, as its worth the listen, and quite a few surprises in the Top 10 list of regions for future SDA numbers across Australia.



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