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Here it is folks, the long awaited 5 year SDA price review.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Pricing Review 2022-2023.

The Review was undertaken to evaluate the impact of current SDA prices on supply and demand of SDA housing and to set new SDA prices to guide market investment in areas that will most benefit people with disability over the next five years.

The SDA Pricing Review was about making sure SDA eligible NDIS participants receive the supports they need and to ensure pricing reflects what is needed for investment to support NDIS participants into the future.

This is the first of four instalments, with 5 of our staff sitting down to discuss the changes, and the ramifications to investors moving forwards. This episode doesn't dig too deep yet, as it's only the 'First Impressions' so far on the first day back at work since the announcement of the 'recommendations'. These recommendations will most likely be accepted in full, with minor changes in the coming 3 months, as the changes will come into affect as of October 1st, and will be made retrospective back to July 1.

Thank you to Heather, Minh, Debbie, Matt and Dhanika for sitting down with short notice to give their feedback on this major announcement by the NDIS.

Download the SDA Pricing Review Final Report



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